Project Description

 Multitest Clostridium difficile + Toxin A + B

Multitest test Vitasay Clostridium difficile GDH + Toxin A + B Three in one like our other formats is the more efficiently, more cleanly and quickest way for positive or negative results through the same sample form.

The big difference with the individual rapid tests and doubles, is that thanks to this format Multi test can get three, four and even five results. Multi test can work with five strips at the same time.

It works faster, efficient and clean as it prevents leaks and odors.

When the sample is collected in the first vial with dilution, is introduced into the test tube which is automatically activated when it is closed. With its front we can see the complete evolution of Multi Test.


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Time to result

10 minutes



Storage up to

24 Months

Storage temperature

2 – 30 °C