Vitassay Chemiluminescence Kits

Vitassay CLIA offers reliable results for pathogen in vitro diagnostics, being specialised in stool antigen detection for bacteria and viruses.

The reaction consists of two steps:

• First. Antigen is capture by an antibody-coated solid phase and recognised by a second labelled antibody.

• Second. This antibody-antigen structure is developed, and results are shown.

The labelled antibody is conjugated with an enzyme, like the horseradish peroxidase (HRP), which in presence of a chemiluminescent substrate, generates light. The strip format allows exibility and high adaptability in your laboratory. On the other hand, our meticulously chosen monoclonal antibodies are meant to result in highly robust diagnosis

CLIA Kits. References

The most sensitive and specic technique applied on immunoassays.


  H. pylori CLIA Kit
  Campylobacter CLIA Kit
  Calprotectin CLIA Q Kit
  Adenovirus CLIA Kit